Thursday, August 16, 2012

GWorks Interviews: Tom Goldstein

"As I've been doing [Supreme Court litigation] now for 15 years...
it gets actually more and more complicated, not simpler and simpler, 
as you realize all the different layers to the onion that you're peeling back."

In GWorks Interviews: Tom Goldstein, Thomas C. Goldstein discusses his start in law practice, the creation of SCOTUSblog, the challenges of covering the Supreme Court and understanding the Court through media and this Term's decision in the health care case.

Mr Goldstein is a founding partner of Goldstein & Russell, a Washington, DC law firm that focuses on Supreme Court litigation. He is also Publisher of SCOTUSblog, the Web site he founded with Amy Howe, Mr Goldstein's wife, law partner and SCOTUSblog Editor.

Part One: That Guy With the Web Site Becoming a Supreme Court litigator.

Part Two: SCOTUSblog, Without Papers Founding SCOTUSbog, a Web site dedicated to the Supreme Court of the United States, the site's evolution and the challenge of covering the Court without a press pass.

Part Three: Courting Media Media coverage of the Supreme Court and what the Court does and might do in a changing media environment.

Part Four: To Your Health The Supreme Court decision in the last Term's health care case (NFIB v. Sebelius)—understanding the Court through a case.

Part Five: Airing|Erring How media (mis)understood the health care decision.

Part Six: Limits Whether the Supreme Court's last Term is a sign of a new willingness to limit Federal Power, what role will the Court play in the coming election and how can we best understand the Court.