Tuesday, March 1, 2011

StewBeef & Rummy: Jon Stewart Interviews Donald Rumsfeld

I love you, Jon Stewart! Really. I do.

And so, my curiosity and anticipation heightened when I found out at that you would interview former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (on Wednesday 23 February 2011), who is making the rounds to promote his new memoir, Known and Unknown.

I had begun to wonder—only a little bit—what you were doing with the Rally to Restore Sanity. I did not think you had jumped the shark. But, I did wonder if you were putting on the water skis.

I think my wondering had more to do with assumptions about what you must be doing. No one could actually have a rally on the National Mall and not turn it into a giant political movement. In this age of ceaseless branding, that is what you would do with the 15 or 250,000 people who show up in response to you saying, "Hey! Show up!"